Games Recruiters

Here you will find a list of recruiters and executive search firms that specialize in working within the games industry. Headhunting within the computer games industry had become increasingly common with the growth of the sector. With the games industry being worth over $100bn in revenues each year, finding the right talent is extremely important. Here are some executive search firms with good experience in the sector;

Neon River – Neon River is an executive search firm that specializes in working with games companies across both mobile and console / PC gaming. The company typically works across Europe and specializes in hiring leaders across key functions like marketing, engineering, product management, game design, data science and finance.

InGame Recruitment – InGame Recruitment specializes in lower to mid-level roles for both games startups and more established businesses.

N-Gin Recruitment – N-Gin Recruitment works with a number of games clients across Europe and specialises in sourcing game developers.

Natural Selection – Natural Selection has significant experience of recruiting for games companies across Europe.

As in many sectors, games recruiters sit within both large, global headhunting firms as well as smaller, boutique firms. Bigger headhunting firms are usually somewhat more expensive but have a strong pedigree. Smaller firms are often better value, although sometimes they can seem riskier compared to the larger alternatives due to their smaller size.

There can be some quite fundamental differences between recruiting for mobile or free to play games companies compared to traditional console or PC game developers, so make sure that the recruiter you work with has a good understanding of your market.