Software Recruiters

Here is a list of headhunting firms who specialize in working with clients in the software industry. The software sector is one of the largest within the broader technology sector and therefore provides an attractive source of work for both executive search firms and recruiters. Typical searches for headhunting firms within the software industry might include leadership hires around key functions like sales, marketing, finance, professional services, engineering, product management and data science.

Software companies are typically B2B which means that software recruiters are often asked to find sales oriented leaders.

When choosing a recruiter to work with – it’s usually good practice to make sure they have demonstrated a strong understanding of the function you are hiring for and have had a successful track record of working for clients in the software industry.

Spencer Stuart: Spencer Stuart is one of the leading global executive search firms, offering leadership consulting services as well. Spencer Stuart has deep experience of working with clients in software, services and broader technology sectors.

Neon River: Neon River is a headhunting firm that specializes in working with software companies across Europe. The company works with entrepreneurial VC and PE backed software companies as well as more mature corporates. Typical projects include CEO, CFO, VP Global Sales, VP Engineering, VP Product Management, VP HR and VP Professional Services searches.

Corriculo Recruitment: Corriculo Recruitment is a recruitment firm focused on hiring software engineers and other technology roles for clients in the software industry.

Sheffield Haworth: Sheffield Haworth offers executive search and interim placement services and has 12 global offices. They specialize in the financial and technology sectors, catering to start-ups, scale-ups, and public technology companies.

Russell Reynolds: Russell Reynolds is one of the largest search firms headquartered in New York. With deep experience in the tech industry, they collaborate with clients at various stages of growth. Operating from 47 offices worldwide, they offer recruiting services on a global scale.

It’s always beneficial to conduct thorough research before deciding which recruitment firms to collaborate with. You can use platforms like LinkedIn to search for recruiters who specialize in software, reviewing their profiles and expertise on their websites. In many cases, they list their previous clients on their website, allowing you to determine if they have experience with businesses similar to yours.

The software industry is quite broad and choosing a recruiter with deep experience of working for software clients is usually a good idea.

Clearly defining your requirements and expectations before approaching a headhunter or executive search firm is also helpful. This involves specifying the seniority of the role; large executive firms cover a range of levels, whereas many boutique firms specialize either in management-level candidates or more junior positions.