Russell Reynolds Associates reveals top three issues for global executives in 2022

During 2022 Global Leadership Monitor on 8th June, Russell Reynolds Associates presented the result of the second annual survey about threats for organizational health and top leaders’ awareness. The respondents were 514 CEOs and board members, together with 511 C-suite leaders and 565 younger leaders across 46 countries of all continents.

The top three threats were: volatility in economic growth, geopolitical uncertainty, and lack of key talents. Especially, shortage of top talents was reported to be the biggest concern over the next 12-18 months, as 72% leaders cited securing best talents among their top five issues. This threat went up by 13% points compared with the last year. Economic volatility and geopolitical uncertainty were the next top concerns, and it is worth noting that the latter rose seven places in the ranking from the last survey. Leaders also cited these three issues as the least prepared issues to face.

RRA chief executive officer Constantine Alexandrakis said “Our research makes clear the profound level of geopolitical and economic uncertainty with which global business leaders are dealing in the current operating environment. These conditions are not expected to change any time soon, making it pivotal to have leadership in place that can navigate choppy waters effectively and inspire trust and confidence enterprise wide.”